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why you'll love texas title

As a full-service title agency, we offer a complete range of residential and Commercial escrow services to clients across Texas. Our headquarters boasts strong examination, administrative and executive staff that are committed to providing you the finest product and service possible; while our local team is easily accessible and can deliver your closing on time, with no surprises. We have assembled some of the industry’s top personnel to ensure the quality delivered on each and every transaction never disappoints. At Texas Title, we understand that we are only as strong as our last closing, which is why we settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction, whether you are a loan officer, realtor, broker or investor.



 When you buy a home, there are all sorts of insurances and third party services to consider. What most home buyers don’t realize, though, is how important title insurance is. Title insurance protects you and your mortgage lender against losses related to defects in the title to your property.  Such defects can range from improperly recorded documents and forgery to overlooked easements and encroachments. Title insurance is necessary to protect your interest in the insured property. Without it, you would be exposed to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses and your home could be at stake. At Texas Title, we take the job of protecting homeownership interests seriously. You can trust our team to give you peace of mind from any potential claims.



 The amount and type of coverage provided determines title premiums, which are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. Unlike other insurance premiums, however, the title insurance premium is paid only once, and the policy is effective for as long as the title remains in the name of the insured. Title insurance does not need to be renewed.


 If an assertion of interest or lien on your property is made, and it is not listed as an exception in your title policy, then you have a claim on your hands. Do not panic, this is precisely what your insurance is for. First pull out your policy and read it to determine where and how to send notice of the claim. It is critical to notify your title company as soon as possible of any claims against your title, so that they can spring into action. Many title issues are relatively easy to resolve, and you are protected against financial losses, including litigation, for those that aren’t so easy. Rest assured that true title claims are not common, and Texas Title is committed to standing by your side though every step of a claim.